Our Snapshots


  • Feb 2019 Lab and Energy Education Resource Center Project Team Year-end Gathering Lunch at Tan Zuo Ma Li Grill & Japanese Restaurant


  • Feb 2018  Lab Year-end Gathering Lunch at Hi-Lai Harbour Buffet.

  • Aug 2017 Lab member Mr. Hung-Ping Chan presenting at 26th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems in Boston, United States.
  • Apr 2017 Reunion with a few lab alumni at 27th National Conference on Combustion and Energy in Taichung, Taiwan



  • Jan 2017   Random shots of the labs & members.

img_1553 img_1552

img_1546 img_1547 img_1562

  • Jan 2017  Lab & Oxyfuel Project Team Year-end Gathering & Farewell Party: lunch at Corner Steak House .

img_1590 img_1587

  • Aug 2016 Lab member Mr. Yi-Chun Chiang presenting at the 36th International Symposium on Combustion in Seoul, Korea.
  • Jan 2016  Lab Year-end Gathering & Farewell Party: buffet lunch at Shangri La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel.


  • Aug 2015   Farewell Party: buffet lunch at Jin-Xia (2F of T.S. Dream Mall).


  • May 2015   Lab Gathering: buffet lunch at The Place Tainan.


  • Jan 2011   Year-end gathering: buffet lunch at Shangri La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel.
  • Oct 2010   Random shot of the lab.
  • Jun 2010   Snapshot of lab members in front of ME Bldg.dsc01192_1
  • Dec 2009   It seems we should have a year-end clean-up.

img_0148 img_0150 img_0151

  •  Dec 2008   Snapshot of lab members in front of ME Bldg. mw-3
 Mar 2008   The facility of the lab was still in the stone age, but at least we got things rolling.dsc00144
  • Oct 2007   The lab was incredibly “clean” when Prof. An-Bang Wang of National Taiwan University last visited. dsc01454

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