Design and develop hybrid agricultural vehicle

Project objective

To design hybrid vehicle and simulate various powertrain modal using ADVISOR and GT-power

Project description

Tools like ADVISOR and GT-power is used to simulate and analysis od various power train modal of agricultural hybrid vehicle with different conditions and drive cycle.

ADVISOR ADvanced VehIcle SimulatOR, is a set of model, data, and script text files for use with Matlab and Simulink.  It is designed for rapid analysis of the performance and fuel economy of conventional, electric, and hybrid vehicles.  ADVISOR also provides a backbone for the detailed simulation and analysis of user defined drivetrain components, a starting point of verified vehicle data and algorithms from which to take full advantage of the modeling flexibility of Simulink and analytic power of MATLAB.

GT-power: This tool simulate the power 1D simulation and with different powertrain modal. Various performance, fuel economy can be simulated.